3 Big Bottles of SOLO

In 1968, our Stags Leap vineyard became the third planted to Cabernet in the Stags Leap Appellation. Over the next few years, more acreage was devoted to Cabernet with cuttings, or field selections, taken from the original block. What emerged over time was a distinct clone which showed an intense character of plum, red currant, blueberry and cassis. In the early 1990’s, the University of California at Davis acknowledged thisunique vine with the “Heritage” designation. It is one of only three Napa Valley Cabernets to attain this status – and the only one from Stags Leap District. It is the heart and soul of our single-vineyard wine, SOLO. We are happy to offer this unique bottling, three etched 3 liters, comprised exclusively of this special clone, Heritage Silverado -- UCD 30.